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Monday, October 15, 2018

Qualidea Code: Utara Canaria

Utara Canaria is the subhead of Tokyo City. Her self-professed title is The Botherer to Suzaku. She is weak, and tries hard at everything she does. Her catchphrase is "When you're in trouble, smile." She activates her power by singing

Arcade Gamer Fubuki: Fubuki Sakuragasaki

A powerful gamer who, with the power of her Passion Panties, climbed up the ranks of the BAG (Best of Arcade Gamer) tournament to become the greatest Arcade Gamer in the world. She has a love for video games since she was little and her father taught her a lot on arcades before leaving her with her mother. She is incompetent when facing new gamers but kind to them despite her sensitivity even her rival, Chizuru. This is from the second OVA.
For those who are new to this anime, Arcade Gamer Fubuki is an 4-part OVA based on the manga of the same name created by Mine Yoshizaki (who went on to create Sgt. Frog), it is about the main protagonist, Fubuki Sakuragasaki, who entered in the Best Of Arcade Gamer video game tournament with her friend, Hanako Kokubunji, and won, thanks to her Passion Panties, a magical pair of panties that give her the ability to play video games really well while upside down and shooting electricity out of her hands, given by her father. But an evil organization called the Galaxians, led by a woman dressed as a Galaxian flagship; they come from an parallel dimension and are commanded by a mysterious leader, along with that, Fubuki herself also has to deal with other competitors, including her rival, Chizuru, who wields a pair of black Passion Panties and can do the same technique as she can when she play arcade games. Fubuki herself is someone I would probably have some dreams of as an gamer myself who enjoys video games.

Cosplay-o-ween: Medusa (Soul Eater)

Another classic barefoot anime character Medusa from Soul Eater. As always be respectful to the cosplayers.